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Media Music Productions is digital Recording Studio based in Scarborough North Yorkshire and run by owner Nik Martin. We’ve been creating music and recording artistes for over 30 years. You’ll find a warm friendly atmosphere and a very hi tech studio setup. Music has advanced over the years and we have all the digital equipment to create mastered tracks of the highest quality. We are held in high regard by our clients as one of the top music studios in Scarborough. Whatever your musical or recording needs, you can be sure of the highest professional results.


Radio advertising is a great way to get your business noticed. At a fraction of the cost of TV advertising, it has become the fastest and most cost-effective way in which to promote your brand. Local stations have a specific catchment area and you can use this to your advantage to zone in on your ideal customer. Using a jingle or ident music makes it easy for your company to promote yourselves to a wider audience.


Most major holiday parks and holiday groups have characters or mascots to complement their brand. Holiday parks such as Haven have a Tiger called Roary and Thomson holidays have Thompson the dog. Having a song specific to your character brings them to life. And each of your park characters can have their own party song that can be played every night for your holiday guests to dance to. This also lends itself to having merchandise to sell, such as a party CD


Entertainment is at the top of your list when it comes to keeping younger guests happy. And your park characters play a major role in this quest. Themed fun production shows are always popular with kids and adults alike. We can create a full action adventure story packed full of fun songs that everyone will love.


In house production shows play a large part of your holiday evening’s entertainment. These types of productions will utilise the talents of your entertainments team. Fully produced music, singing and dancing and a wonderful backdrop will transport your guests to another fun place. The show could be based around a Westend theme, or a version of Grease. Perhaps a nautical theme containing songs within that genre. Click on the In House Production Shows link to see what we can create for you.


If you’re in Scarborough and typing into the search bar “recording studio near me”, well we are that studio near you. We offer many Studio Services and are sure we can help you with any studio needs you may require. If you’ve written a song and would like a fully produced cd ready version of it, simply give us a call. You may have several songs that you would like to record. In which case we can help you to produce a full album. We also have the capabilities to duplicate your cds. For more information about this service click on our contact link above. 

Recording Packages

To keep things as simple as possible we can offer a complete recording package. From concept, to recording, to creating a cd master and then duplication. There’s really no need to go anywhere else, as we can keep most services in house. Another very popular service that we offer is Track Balancing. If you’re tired of you backing tracks being all over the place, we can easily and quickly re master them to be of a consistent volume and eq.

Voice Over Production and Specialist Spoken Word

If you need a voice over recording by one of your voice over actors there really is no need to drag them back to London or Manchester. We can record and link with you via a live video feed. Its almost as if you were in the room with your client. And if you would like to record a Relaxation or Hypnotist project we have a professionally sound proofed vocal booth. 


When you have special promotions at your park, great way to let your guests know, is with a promotions jingle. An example of this would be a bar promotion. You could be promoting a buy one get one free on all spirits. Or perhaps you want to advertise for next year’s bookings on the park. You could let your guests know that if the book today for next year, they will get 10% off. We’ve created bingo introduction songs that the kids have even put their own dance to. Click the Park Promotion Jingles link to see what else we can create for you.

To find out more about how Media Music Productions can help you, please check out all the different drop down menus above. I look forward to working with you.