Voice Over Production

Voice Over Production
Media Music Productions studio is a great facility for recording and voice over production. We have many clients that have their own voice over artiste. And simply need to book time in the studio. Having a clean recording of the voice is of the utmost importance. We achieve this, with an acoustically soundproofed voice over booth and Neumann U87 mics.

One of our recent voice over artistes was an actress who had played “Little Mo”  in Eastenders. She was in a play at a local theatre and had been used as the main voice on a life insurance tv ad campaign. They required some extra edits and it needed to be done quickly. So instead of sending her back down to London, where the advertising company was based, they booked her into our Media Music Studios.

Voice Over Production Via Video Link

We set up a FaceTime video link with the ad company. This enabled them to give the voice over actress live constructive comments on how she should present the ad. Once they were happy with the recording, the Wav files were sent via email. And the tv advert was aired that night.

Another of our recent recording projects was for the soundbites at a Jurassic style geological exhibition at Rotunda Museum in Scarborough. Once again, the production company had their own voice over artist and booked the studio, the vocal booth and the engineer out for the time required. The lady in question was a geological specialist from Sweden. And although she wasn’t a true voice over artiste, she did have a deep knowledge of what she was talking about. The recordings were used as sound bite clips at the exhibition. As the visitors moved around the various exhibits, they would click a button to give them more information.

Voice Over for Mercedes Benz

We had a gentleman book into the studio to record a spoken word version of a Mercedes Benz instruction manual. This was a very technical manual and I remember that the voice over artiste had to redo several tongue twister takes. He had no knowledge of what he was actually talking about. But when we’d finished all the sound bites, he sounded like a world class mechanic. That’s the art of being a good voice over actor.

Podcast Voice Overs

Podcasts have become extremely popular over the last few years. It’s a way of expressing how you feel about certain topics and sharing your views with like minded people. But creating your own podcast recording setup can be a quite expensive. By using our recording facility, you can dip your toes into the world of podcast creation without breaking the bank.

For more information about using our voice over production services, please click on our contact link above and send us a message.