Media Music Demos

Media Music Productions Demos

Here are some Media Music Demos of previous songs and production shows for you to check out. This is great if you just want to dive in and a get a flavour of what we can do for you at Media Music. We’ve worked with clients from all types of businesses, so you’ll find a wide variety of styles.

There are Radio Jingles, Character Songs, Character Show short edits, In House Production Show music track mixes and lots more. So, feel free to click away and enjoy these Media Music Productions demos. For more in depth information about anything that interests you, simply click on any of the links above.

Music Tracks created for a Nautical Production Show

This was a show that was used for a production on a cruise ship. It uses a nautical theme and includes many songs that relate to the sea. You may remember the title song from the tv show “Love Boat”. This is how the the show opens. It then moves into various nautical flavoured songs. These include The Beatles fun song “Yellow Submarine” and The Village Peoples “In The Navy”. It ends, although slightly predictably, with a big finale using Rod Stewarts “Sailing”.


Songs created for The Croc Crew at Pontins

This is a great mixture of fun character songs that were commissioned by Pontins for their Park Mascots or Characters. We had a basic breakdown of what each character was like and created fun songs to match their personalities. The remit was to keep them upbeat, as they were aiming at kids and also using them to dance to.

Captain Croc was their leader. Chuckles was the crazy teen Monkey. Florence was the their funky girl diva style character. Zena was a girly girl Zebra. And every show needs their baddies. These were Safari Sam and his hissing sidekick Sir Cyril.


Studio songwriting Clients demo mix

The clients we record at media music studios can be quite varied in style. This is a mixture of the different genre of singers and song writers we’ve produced. There are some acoustic based musicians and some very modern hip hop style vocalists. Indie rock and standard rock styles are also included. I’ve even added one of my own deep and meaningful songs at the end called “Breathe”


Pirate Production Megamix Finale – characters from Treetops Grove

The next two media music demos are examples of songs we’ve written for park characters. And they show how we’ve placed them into the full shows we’ve produced. These are characters we’ve written for many times and we have got to know their personalities.

We would write and produce a new show each year for TED UK. The songs are written, keeping in mind that they will also be used as kids party dances too. We would be given a theme and would write the story and songs around that it. The characters were furry little creatures called “Mugals”. Maxi, Milli and Multi.


Island Paradise show created for TED UK and Park Resorts



Radio Jingle Production Demo

One of the mainstays of our recording studio business is radio jingle production. We write and produce for many Commercial Radio Stations around the uk and abroad. An idea would be sent through to our production team. We would then create the music and tune ready for the voice over to be inserted.

The style and feel of the ads can vary, but we like to keep them fresh, modern and upbeat. This is a small selection of what we’ve produced for our clients over the last few years. Some are modern sounding pop songs and some of them have a funny side too. Check out the Flintstones parody. That was fun to reproduce.

Media Music Demo 1


Media Music Demo 2