Specialist Spoken Word

Specialist Spoken Word At Media Music Productions we provide many recording services and Specialist Spoken Word is one of them. We have the facilities to record music, jingles and voice overs for advertising as well as recordings in the more specialised area. Certain types of recording require an intimacy, with no noise or distractions. The idea is to get the cleanest noiseless recording possible and the use of a professional sound proofed vocal booth is the only true way to truly achieve this. This is never more important than recording the spoken word.

Specialist Spoken Word – Guided Relaxation

Relaxation CD’s are created to help you relax. To get the full benefit of listening to one of these vocal recordings there needs to be complete focus on what the therapist is saying to you. Clean, with not pops or clicks to spoil the mood of the track. This is achieved in our fully sound dampened and sound proofed vocal booth. Once the recording has been completed, we can also add a gentle music bed underneath to help create the required ambience.

Spoken Word – Hypnotherapy CD production

Recording the relaxing spoken word of a hypnotist, requires complete focus with no distracting sounds. Clean, with no noise floor or hiss. Very often the hypnotist will be talking in a very quiet voice, a whisper, that it is almost inaudible. Taking you down into a trance-like state to help with stopping smoking or weight-loss. If there are any noises or distracting sounds this can spoil the whole process. We can achieve this perfect, noise free clarity of recording that is needed. With this we can also add a gentle synth bed underneath if required.

Audio production manuals

Spoken word Instruction manuals are a very popular way of teaching. One of our recent clients was a voice over artiste that had to read some very technical instruction manuals for Mercedes Benz. This had to be presented in a clear, professional manner. Although the client needed no particular voice processing, we did add a little noise gating between clips. The whole session was bounced down into individual sound bites and emailed directly to the client once finished.

audio books

Audio Books have become very popular over recent years. We find ourselves on long train journeys listening to the latest best seller through our ear pods, or in our car through the speaker system. I often hear of people simply relaxing in the bath with a glass of wine chilling out to a great audio book. Well, someone has to record these modern day products. Quite often you will find some well known celebrities guesting as one of the readers. We have the facilities to enable you to create your own Audio books.


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