Recording Studio Services

Studio Services

Song Production

Here are some of the Recording Studio Services we provide to help with your singing and music in Scarborough. There are millions of musicians and song writers around the world. Each with their own unique styles. It’s become so easy to create your own music within the confines of your own home. Anyone with even the most basic computer has access to free recording tools. But if you want to get your music sounding more like your favourite chart songs you need the facilities of a pro recording studio.

Recording a CD Album

Creating a selection of songs to sell to your fans at gigs is great income revenue. If you work in entertainment venues  there’s always an opportunity to sell a cd of songs to the guests. No matter what age group you are performing to, they have got wise and expect quality music. At Media Music we have the facility to record all your songs and compile them onto one professionally sounding album.

CD Duplication

With your album mastered and edited into one master compilation file you’re going to need some form of duplication. Sure you can burn one at a time on your laptop but its very time consuming. Many duplication house have a minimum run of 250. We can create duplicate runs starting at just 10 cds.

Gift Ideas Recording Experience

Have you run out of ideas for gifts? This is great gift idea for someone you want to impress. We have a service that lets you book into the studio to record a cd single. Perfect for kids who want to be a star with their own song recorded. A valentines day gift for your wife or husband. Mothers day where you record a message over the top of a song you have sung.

Full Recording Package

To keep things simple we have a full recording package. This is for musicians and singers who want to record enough songs for a cd and have everything in one place. Recording, mastering and duplicating. All for a fixed price. This way the costs down escalate and run away with you. We would discuss your needs and give you a price that matches your budget.

Back Track Balancing

Many live performers use backing tracks that have originated from various companies. Each one has a different volume and eq. Do you ever find yourself going backwards and forwards to your mixing desk to adjust things. How unprofessional does that look. And how distracting for your audience. We have a really cost effective track balancing service that you will love.

Voice Over Production

Our studio services include voice over production. The facility uses a  dedicated vocal booth, with one of the industries top microphones, the Neumann U87. We have hypnotherapists recording voiceovers for stop smoking cds. A Tibetan monk based in Scarborough who recorded a guided relaxation cd as well playing singing bowls. We can also record audio books and online audio manuals.

For more in depth information about what we can help you with at Media Music Productions Recording Studio, use the drop down menus above. Or for instant access to any questions you may have, use the contact link above.