Song Production

Song Production


Song production is an art. It takes many years to hone that art. Have you ever made a home recording of a song that you’ve written and then wondered why it sounds so different from a chart song? Why does their bottom end sound so full and punchy where yours sounds muddy? How come the vocal sounds harsh or lacking presence? Why do you need to reach for the volume control because yours is half the volume of the one on the radio? This is where we can help with your song production.

We get a lot of clients who play guitar or piano and have written some great songs but want them to be turned into fully produced songs. A basic recording of you singing and playing and then recording it with your iPhone can be a buzz. But, if you want to be taken seriously with your music, you have to create something that’s fully produced. We can do that.

Start with a Vocal and Guitar guide

Many clients come into the studio with just a guitar and give us the basic idea of where the song is going. And we work with them to produce a finished product in just a few hours. Sometimes it may just be a vocalist who has written a song and sings the tune. We can build a great song from just those bare bones. Fully produced with keyboards, bass, drums, guitars, strings, vocal harmonies. We also have a dedicated sound booth for vocals. And the awesome industry standard Neumann u87 mic going through an outboard valve compressor. Vintage analogue meets the latest digital production.

Check out some of the songs we’ve produced for some of our clients recently on the links below.

A mix of various styles of music produced for recent clients