Show Writing and Production

Show Writing and Production

Character Song Writing

Show writing and production within the uk holiday park industry are services we get asked to provide on a regular basis. And writing character songs for the your park mascot can be a way to bring them to life. We produce the songs so that kids can party and have a great time while on holiday. We write and produce songs for individual characters and it brings them to life for the kids. If the holiday parks have a bunch of characters, then even better. We can create a Character Show.

Character Show Writing and Production

Most of the larger Holiday Parks in the Uk have an entertainments team and a mixture of park characters. Creating a character show is a great way to entertain the families and introduce them to all the park gang. Within the shows the characters will have pre recorded voices but the entertainments team can interact with them live. The show could be a story based around a fun theme and it would be interlinked with the characters singing their own songs.

Park Promotion Jingles Production

It takes a lot of work to run a holiday park on a daily basis. To take some of the stress out of promoting things going on around the park, promotion jingles are your secret salesman. The jingles are pre recorded music and voiceovers, specifically written for your company. They can be played throughout the day to inform your guests of any promotions you may be running.

Corporate Music Writing

One of our services is corporate music writing. You may need a song for an intro to a production show or perhaps a music bed to run alongside a video promotion. A piece of lively music as an overture to the main event. An online seminar where you want a song specifically  tailored to your business. These are bespoke pieces of music which only you would have access to.

Cabaret and Gameshow Intro Writing

The excitement and build up to showtime with a fully produced piece of music or song creates a great atmosphere. It gives a professional feel to everything you do. This can work for your main production show. It can also work for visiting cabaret acts. You may have your own gameshow and would like your own intro music. Customers and guests demand quality today and this is another step in the right direction.

Songs To Purchase Now

We have a few songs already written and recorded ready to go. They can be re-edited to fit in line with your company. Check out some of the demos and see if they are something you would like to use.

To find out what type of show writing and production we can do for you, use the drop down menu to see more. Or for a quick listen to just one of our demos, click on the link below to hear the quality of a recently completed Nautical Production Show.

Nautical Style Show Cruise Boat Production “Show Tracks” Montage