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Radio Idents and Jingles


Radio production is an umbrella for the variety of different services we offer to our clients. There are many thousands of Radio Station around the world. They range from the super stations right down to the small but very hi spec online stations. They all have one thing in common, they are competing for listeners.

The larger stations will have all the money in the world to keep them on air. Whereas the smaller more local stations depend on advertising revenue to keep them going. It’s these smaller and often more localised stations that we work together with to create their advertising jingles.

Comercial Radio Production

Keeping a commercial radio station on air takes a finely honed team of professionals. Yes, we may only get to hear the cool guys and gals who are reaching out to us all via the microphone. And in a very lonely but cosy little sound booth. But behind them is a team of dedicated engineers and sales staff keeping those juggling balls in the air. The main job of the sales team is to sell advertising jingles and voiceovers to local businesses.

Radio production and to be more specific Radio Jingle Production is how it all started for us. That was over 30 years ago. We were approached by a local business to produce an advertising jingle for them. It was to go on air with the recently opened and brand new Yorkshire Coast Radio in Scarborough. We wrote it, recorded and voiced it and they loved it instantly.

Word got round and our client base built up very fast. There are still one or two jingles of ours from nearly 20 years ago that they still use! I wish the company would do some new ones. But they still love them.

producing a Radio Jingle 

Radio Jingles, or some as people them call them “idents”, come in various guises. They can be a fully sung version where all the information in the ad is completely sung. Even the phone number. This can feel a little weird when singing it in the studio but having a tune can make it very memorable. Think of you times tables at school. Although admittedly, I was great at the tune, but could never remember the words! Maybe not the best example!

Another very popular cut of the jingle is what’s referred to as a do-nut, or as I prefer a top and tail. This is where the middle of the ad has no singing. You would sing the intro and leave the middle for any voiceovers to get the message across to the listener. The spoken script would be over the music bed that had the volume slightly dropped. This level dip was to help the message cut through.

The sung part would reprise at the end of the song to leave the companies name or tag line in your head. Depending on the type of product being promoted, the ad could be modern and upbeat or soft and inviting. It’s all about creating something you remember.

Jingle Production quick Refresher course

Sometimes all that is required is a music bed and the voiceover is recorded for the full duration of the jingle. We have a copy writing service for this very scenario. If you’ve arrived at our Media Music site and already know how an advertising jingle works, great. Simply treat this as a little refresher.

I talk to many great advertising execs from various stations and they don’t actually now how an advertising jingle works. And when I explain how they’re constructed, they feel more confident in selling the idea to their prospective client.

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Radio Advertising Jingle Demo