Full Recording Package

Recording Package

At Media Music Productions we provide a complete recording package. A one-stop-shop so to speak. This service can save you the time and hassle of having to source what you need at different places. We can record you in in the studio, master your tracks to a master duplication disc and duplicate your CD’s. On body printing is also available.

Full Recording Package – Keeping it Simple

The Recording Package keeps things very simple. Your tracks can be recorded and mastered down to your own master duplication cd. And instead of you having to source another company to duplicate the CD’s, we duplicate them for you. We do short runs, starting from 10 copies.

If you are a singer requiring CD’s to sell at your gigs, this is an ideal cost-effective way to create your merchandise. In many cases, the process can be completed from start to finish in a day. This would obviously depend on how well you know your songs. And how many vocal runs it takes to get the best recording.

How long will it take for the Recording?

A rule of thumb I use as to how long it will take is approximately 1 hour per song. Let me explain how I arrive at this timescale. Getting the best vocal down is the first thing we must do. This may be done in just two run throughs. Great, that only took 10 minutes but, these tracks and vocals need to be EQ’d and mixed. This takes time to get everything to sit together in the mix. Reverb, compression, echo, EQ etc.

The next track may take a little longer to record. A certain vocal that you may struggle to pitch correctly. Or there may be some harsh frequencies we need to tame. Once we’ve mixed all the vocals with the music beds, we then need to balance the mastered stereo tracks. There needs to be a consistent volume throughout the cd. If not, you’ll be reaching for the volume on your playback machine constantly. Also, every track will have a slightly different EQ that will also need to be balanced up. So, as a ballpark figure of time that it takes, I say about 1 hour per song

Cd Duplication Part of the Package

With all the tracks mixed and playing at a fairly consistent volume, we then bounce them all down to a mastering duplication cd. This gives us a copy of all your tracks on one master disc ready to duplicate. We have our own duplication towers and can duplicate short runs, ready for you to promote or sell at your shows. If you have a picture or a logo you like to use, we can print directly onto the CD’s. As part of the recording package we will supply you with your starter set of duplicated CD’s.

We’re based in Staxton about 7 miles from Scarborough. For more information and prices for this service click on our contact box above and we’ll get back to as soon as we can.