Back Track Balancing

Track Balancing
Have you ever thought, why is my back track balancing all over the place? Constantly having to drop the volume or bring the volume up. Take some treble off at the mixer because it’s too sharp and biting. Or that bottom end is just so heavy that it makes the room shake compared to the previous track. Or some tracks just sound “Muddy”? And all this while you’re trying to perform!

balancing your backing tracks

There is a common problem with backing tracks and track balancing. If you haven’t had them created for you by a proper company (which can be very pricey), you will most likely be using karaoke tracks. Usually ones that you’ve either been given or you’ve downloaded from some freebie site. They’ve all been recorded and produced by various companies and the tone, volume and quality can vary widely.

And coupled with the fact that they’ve been turned from the original Wav file into an MP3. Then the MP3 has been copied and degraded down the line, you really have no chance of quality and continuity. We provide a great service where we can fix the eq and level your music tracks to all sound the same.


It’s not just a case of turning the volume down and tweaking the eq. We re-master them through a spectrum analyser to visually see where the offending frequencies are and re-EQ the track properly. We then run the tracks through a frequency Compressor/Limiter and then finally a Master Limiter to take all the tracks to a 0db level.


That’s the techie stuff out of the way. It’s not really that complicated and can take a few minutes per track. All you need to know is that once your tracks have been re-mastered by us, you’ll never have to mess with the mixer again. And you can just concentrate on your performance. Doing this can be the difference between you being just another karaoke singer and being taken more seriously as a performer. And that in a nutshell is why you need Track Balancing.

The alternative to getting your music tracks balanced by us at Media Music is to actually buy brand new tracks from a reputable Track Company. But, that as i’m sure you can imagine, could be a very expensive exercise. The most logical and least expensive way is to use our remixing service.

Sound good? If you’d like more information about our Back Track Balancing service click on our contact link above.