Radio Advertising Jingles

Radio Idents and Jingles

Radio Advertising Jingles have been one of our top business services at Media Music Productions for over 30 years. We create idents, scripts and fully produced voiceovers for clients around the UK, Europe and USA. These can range from serious messages to get your brand across to prospective clients, to slightly tongue in cheek jingles. But the one thing that we keep at the top of our priority list, is that it has to have  a memorable catchy hook line that sticks in the listeners head.

Radio Idents and Jingles uncovered

Radio Jingles can be 10 seconds, 30 seconds and 40 seconds. A standard 30 second Radio Jingle would be a 7 sec sung Top with a centre of approximately 15 secs music bed. This is where the scripted ad would be voiced. And approximately 7 seconds sung tail at the end. Using the sung jingle is the best way to punch your name and brand out. A catchy sung tune will make you stand out above the crowd.

We have the facility in house to write and fully produce the jingle with all vocals and music from the idea and information that you give us. With this information we can then create scripts for the middle insert and have various artistes to voice it.

Voice Over Production

If you only require a voiced advert we can write and produce that too. We would initially write the script from any information you provide. This would help if for example, you are pushing a new product line. Or you want your telephone number included. Maybe an email address, or you have your own “strap line” that people already know. Finally, once you have approved the script we would then record the voice over.

working with local radio

We work closely with many local radio stations around the Yorkshire area including Minster FM in York and Stray FM over in Harrogate. With the stations we get a brief about what the client is wanting to promote and a few nuggets of info that they want adding into the copy. I like to take a look around their website to get a feel of what their business is about. What sort of service they are offering to their customers. What sort of age group they are working with. This gives me something to aim at when creating the actual advertising jingle.

The first draft of the advert is then sent to the advertising exec at the station for him to check over. It’s then sent to the client for them to tweak any minor edits and finally when everyone is happy we produce the finished radio jingle. And then of course it goes out on air.


If you need any more info about musical idents and Radio Advertising Jingles, click any of the demo links below to check out what we’ve been producing recently

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