CD Duplication

Cd Duplication Scarborough
We have the facility for short to medium run CD Duplication. And because we keep it in house, we have a fast turnaround. Most of the larger CD duplication companies have a minimum of 250. And anything below that can be too expensive to make it viable for you. We can duplicate CD’s from 10 up to 100. On body printing is also available. You just need to supply us with a logo or photo and the track listing.

Pro Singer Cd Duplication

If you are a pro singer, having a cd of the songs you perform can create a great extra income at your gigs. We have many clients that perform in hotels and bars that get just short runs of 10 or 20 CD’s. This is no problem for us to duplicate and it also saves you shelling out on a high number of CD’s that you don’t need. You can have your CD’s supplied with slimline cases or the normal size. I find that the slimline cases are better as you can get twice as many in your carry case. But this is totally down to personal preference.

Singer Songwriter Duplication

You may be a singer songwriter and have enough songs to create an EP of your music. Once again this is something, we can duplicate for you. These CD’s would be perfect to promote yourself at your gigs. And also, to send around to promotional companies such as record labels or publishers.

We appear to live in a very digital world today and music is easily accessible to download. But for many people you still can’t beat the “touchy feely” of an actual solid product. The physicality of taking the CD from its case and placing it in the player is something I think we can all warm to. And also, have you ever tried to sign an MP3?
If you’re looking for a short run of CD’s send us a message in our contact box for more info and prices.