Radio Station Idents

Station Idents Package Radio Station Idents, fully produced and tailored to your station needs is a brand new service we’re now providing to our clients. Local stations, as well as Internet radio stations are competing for listeners in an ever expanding market. Each station will have its own unique presenters, with their own presentation styles. But they also require something distinctive to create their own individual identity. While needing to conform to a recognised presentation format is important, being that little bit different is what makes you stand out.

standard format radio station idents

The standard format throughout the radio broadcast will have information presented to the listener at regular time slots. Examples of this would be “Traffic and Travel”, or “News and Weather”. Each one of these segments need to have their own intro ident. A short section of music, with sung vocals and then a music bed underneath. This is all pretty standard and what would be expected from a pro station.

Generic radio Idents

At Media Music Productions we can create the full Station Idents Package for you. Firstly, we write and produce a generic piece of music with vocals. Once you’re happy with this, we then create various cuts for weather, travel and news etc. There are many different versions we can produce. Examples would include, 10 second cuts, 20 second cuts and so on. Your main daytime idents could be upfront and upbeat, but you may require a gentler version for your late-night shows.

Idents to Suit Your Budget

Below you will find a few demos of Idents we have created for radio stations over the past few years. It will give you a taste of the type of idents we can provide you with. Each one has the more upbeat main theme with a few subtle variations included. There is no minimum size ident package. You can have a basic mix of idents created to suit your budget and then at a later date we can add theme variations as required. It could be a special promotion for your station or individual idents for each presenter.

Check out some of our radio station idents demos below to see what we can create for you. And if you need any more info click on our contact link above.

G Radio Idents Demo


Seaside FM idents Demo 1


Seaside FM Station Idents 2 demo


“This Day In Radio” US Station Idents


Internet Radio Idents Package Demo


Instore Voice Over Mock Ads