Park Promotion Jingles

Park Promotion Jingles Park Promotion Jingles are a great way of making your holiday guests aware of any promotions you may be running. This can be anything from a drink’s promotion at night that reminds everyone that the buy one get one free hour is about to start. Or perhaps you have some special park promotions or money saving offers running only for a short time. And your guests should use this as an incentive to book next year’s holiday now and save. These incentives can all be promoted automatically with pre-recorded music jingles and voice overs.

Park Promotion Jingles “Get Your Drinks In”

After the master jingle has been created, the basic theme music and sung intro can be used for other promotions within that area. We would simply change the voice over message to suit the product you are advertising. You could have a list of promotions you know you’re going to require on a regular basis over the season.

Over the years, we’ve produced many different types of musical idents. These would typically be played by the DJ or sound engineer throughout the night’s entertainment. There may be a short interval before the main cabaret show begins. This would be the perfect time for a reminder to get your drinks in or grab a bite to eat at the food bar. These jingles also work very well to inform the guests that the bingo will be starting soon. And that they need to come on down and buy their tickets.

Book Early and Save

Park Resorts and Park Dean are holiday companies we’ve written and produced Park Promotion Jingles for previously. We created short conversation jingles between a wife and her husband discussing the merits of booking early to save money. The scene is set and they are sat enjoying their lovely caravan. The radio is playing the theme tune quietly in the background. The all important message is promoted to the listener and then finally the catchy theme music would play the jingle out. A memorable theme tune with a catchy vocal would link all the ads together

Show Stopping park Promotion Jingles

I remember several years ago when i went to see a production show at one of the Haven Holiday Parks. The show was in full swing and a cast member suddenly announced that they were going to take “A Bar Break”. As they did this, a pre recorded musical jingle came over the sound system letting everyone know that the one of their drinks promotions was about to begin. It wasn’t too good for the poor guys in the show but that was an awesome way to get the bar sales up. So having seen it with my own eyes, i can tell you that  boosting sales with bar and food idents certainly works.

You’ll find a selection of jingles below, that we’ve created for previous clients. Click on any of them to get a taste of what they sound like. And, if they do sound like something that could help you with your upcoming park promotions, click on our contact link for more information.

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