Corporate Music Writing

Corporate Music Writing


Corporate music writing sounds a bit deep and business like. It’s not meant to be. It’s just an all encompassing sentence to say what we can do. Basically, if you would like your own piece of music creating, that is specific to your brand or business get in touch.

My friend the Hypnotist Ken Webster has used our services for various projects over the past few years. He’s commissioned 2 different heavy punk style songs for his show intros as well as crazy stings, stabs and parodies that he used within his shows.

We’ve had clients hire us to create music for openings of huge business seminars to build the attendees up into a frenzy. And we’ve written gentle music beds to play quietly  underneath a guided relaxation cd. So our music writing services are wide and varied.


corporate music for upcoming events

Are you thinking about having your own song or piece of corporate music writing for an upcoming event? If so, you’ve arrived at the right place. We’ve created some great music for our clients over the years. A really cool memorable one was a heavy rock chant style “Walk-Out” song for a rugby league club based in York called the York City Knights. I could imagine the crowd going wild as the players came out onto the pitch. An opening of a business seminar for a large company based in Dubai and background music for a promotional video of Scarborough.


We were commissioned to create a music bed for a disaster style documentary. This had a mixture of disaster film clips ranging from erupting volcanoes to snow avalanches. A musical theme was created and different styles of rhythm and tunes were intertwined with the movie clips. It was all about creating a mood, or feel, to enhance the visual experience. If you play the music link below you’ll get a feel of what was happening at that certain part of the promo clip.

writing the SCARBOROUGH promo MUSIC BED

A promotional video was filmed to promote Scarborough, which contained many great arial shots of the beautiful scenery. A helicopter and a drone were used for this filming. And with it being Scarborough, for our video audio bed, we created an updated version of the traditional song  “Are You Going To Scarborough Fair”.  This remix gave the whole experience a great vibe and accompanied  the visuals perfectly.

Throughout the film we used various mixes of the Scarborough Fair tune to create differing moods. We began with a very calm and gentle finger picked acoustic guitar, which gradually built into a house style music bed. Take a listen to the clip below. This will give you a great idea of how music can enhance your viewing experience.

Now you’ve got a good idea of what our corporate music writing service is all about. If this is something that you might need, simply click the contact link above and send us an email.


Lets Go Webbo The Hypno 2020


Scarborough Promo Video


Webbo the Hypno song 1 (Ken Webster Hypnotist in Blackpool)


Disaster Video Bed Demo


York City Knights Walk on Song


Bike Safe Video Music Bed