Cabaret and Gameshow Intros

Cabaret and Gameshow Intro Jingles Cabaret and gameshow intros are something that can make your Park entertainments room more professional and of a higher class . These are short music soundbites to introduce what is coming up next in the evening. Generic pieces of music are all fine. But if you want to take your entertainment to the next level, you need bespoke music tailored to your brand.

Cabaret and gameshow Intros

You can find some great examples of Show Overtures and a high energy Cabaret intro below. This has been tailored to use the name of the park within the vocal hook. The lyrics and tune build the excitement of what is about happen. And then there is usually a drop at the end, where the DJ or compere can do a live voice over to introduce the act on stage. There will also usually be a slightly different edit of the jingle to play the act off. This would be a looped version. This is so the compere can talk as long as he or she wants and then fades out at their own leisure.

Gameshow Intros

Game shows and holidays go hand in hand. We all like to join in with a quiz or a game. It’s part of the holiday vibe. And having a selection of various gameshow intros, game jingles and stings are what make the whole experience come to life. You could have a sting for when someone gets a question wrong. Just like in Family fortunes for example. Or a fanfare style jingle for when they get a question correct or win a round. There is a small section below of sound-alike tv theme jingles to give you an idea of what we can create for you.

Cabaret, Gameshows and beyond

It doesn’t just have to stop at Cabaret and Gameshow intros. Whatever you’re planning to do, a musical ident or song can be created for your brand. You may have special events coming up in the week in another venue. An outdoor event that you do on a weekly basis can be promoted on auto pilot with just the click of a mouse. Bar promotions that are done on a regular basis. Special discount promotions in the food court. Once you have your basic generic piece of music and vocals, they can be edited to suit each promotion.

Click on any of the demos below to get a flavour of what we can do for you. And if you need any more info about our Cabaret and Gameshow Intros , just click on our contact link above and send us a message.

Cabaret Spectacular Intro


Cabaret Intro 2


Mugal Mania Kids Gameshow Intro


Mugal Mania Kids Gameshow Intro


Bingo Intro and VO


Play House Kids Gameshow


Diva Show Intro


70s pop style show countdowns


Bar Add 1


Bookings Add 1