Gift Ideas Recording Experience

Gift Ideas Recording Experience

If you’re struggling for great gift ideas for kids, why not book a Recording Experience. Perfect for your son, daughter, husband, wife or best friend. They will absolutely love it. Everyone has a song in them and this is where they can live their very own pop star moment.

It’s not about being the best singer in the world. Although if you are, even better. Its all about having a great fun experience. Recording yourself singing one of you favourite songs and then hearing yourself after its all been mixed down can be magical. We have all the tricks and experience to make you sound just like your favourite chart pop star. (Well almost).

A Gift Recording Experience for Mothers Day

We’ve had mums and daughters coming into the studio and recording a song with a special message in the middle for a Dads birthday. We’ve also had Sons and Dads wanting to create something special as a thank you gift for a Mothers Day. There really is no limit to who will love this a a gift. How about recording a love song for your fiancé  especially for Valentines Day. Or singing a song for your Grandma?

There is no age limit. Anyone will love one of these Recording Studio Experience gift ideas. Maybe it’s a big celebration coming up and you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for women over 50. Or perhaps you have some young kids that would love make their own cd to play to their friends. Teen girls who are constantly instagramming their friends could be just like their favourite pop idol.

Birthday Gifts – studio Experience for Your Husband

All you need is your own backing track to the song. But if you don’t have it we can usually source it for you. Make sure you know the song little bit. And we’ll make the magic happen. Don’t worry it will be great. I like to help people feel relaxed and comfy in the studio. It may be something different from what you’re used to, but it will be a fantastic experience for you.

Ideally if you have a digital picture of yourself, we can use it to print onto the cd. We can print whatever message you want onto the cd and we’ll throw a couple of free cds in as well. The whole process takes about an hour and usually you get to take your fully mastered cd away with you that day.

We can also provide a gift certificate that we can personalise for your gift. Just send us the information that you would like putting on the certificate and we’ll do the rest. We will then email that to you.

A Studio Experience Valentines Day Present

Remember these are great gift ideas for men and women too, for many different occasions. Birthdays, Christmas presents, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day. We’ve even had the best man record a song for the newly weds to be, to play as their first dance. Imagine how cool that was on the day!

If you’d like some more info on “The Recording Experience Package”, click on the Contact Link above and we’ll get back to you.